Custom Designed Gearboxes

Cincinnati Gearing Systems has been manufacturing enclosed drive gearboxes for over 60 years. CGS can completely design, manufacture and test your units based on your requirements and applications. From custom designed gearboxes to make-to-print, our engineering department is highly trained in the development of not only the gear train specifics, but also the support hardware required to meet your application and certification needs.

CGS is a recognized leader in precision power transmission design. More than just a gear manufacturer, CGS offers customers over 100 years of experience in producing high quality, reliable and cost effective enclosed drive gear units for a wide range of power transmission applications.


  • Epicyclic (Planetary) Gear Units
  • Multi Pinion Gear Units
  • Parallel Shaft Designs
  • Vertical/ Horizontal Offsets
  • Integral Gear Units
  • Dual/ Single Input
  • Hybrid Designs
  • Single & Double Helical
  • Spur Gears

Options Include


  • Through Hardened or Surface Hardened


  • Steel or Light Weight Aluminum Housings
  • Fabrication or Casting


  • Babbited Journal or Roller Bearings


  • Wet or Dry Sump
  • Integrated Lube Oil Packages