Gear Design and Engineering

Cincinnati Gearing Systems is proud of our history in maintaining state of the art engineering resources. More than 50 years ago CGS realized that there was an increasing need for a vibrant, dedicated engineering staff to support not only our plans for development into the future but to also support our customers with gearing design capabilities knowledge second to none.

Today we continue in this effort offering our customers access to services not available with a lot of our competitors. Our award winning engineering group includes PEs, MSMEs, as well as current and past AGMA and API committee members.

CGS Engineering has years of experience in custom component gearing and designing not only precision gearing to meet the demanding specifications of the US Military and industrial applications but also complete enclosed drive system packages including lubrication and instrumentation packages as required by your application specification or certification.

  • Spur Gear Designs
  • Single and Double Helical Designs
  • Epicyclic and Planetary Designs
  • Integral Gear Compressor and Expander Designs

Ancillary Services Offered

  • Rotor Dynamics
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Analytical Design Reports