Military Gear Units

Cincinnati Gearing Systems has a proud history of supporting the US Military with state of the art design and development for a wide range of the major programs operating today. For well over 50 years, CGS has enjoyed a reputation for quality and reliability in the development and support of the US Naval Marine Industry with extensive experience in the custom design, manufacturing and aftermarket support for turbine and diesel drive marine propulsion gearing, on-board power generation, torpedo ejection systems and more.

  • LCAC Hover Craft Main Propulsion and Lift Gearing
  • AOE 6 Class Auxiliary Support Ship
  • TAO-187 Supply Ship
  • Torpedo Ejection Systems Gearing
  • DDG-51 Destroyer Class Power Generation Gearing
  • MA-107 Booster Unit
  • Mega Yacht
  • Commuter Ferry